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Complete Guide on Chicago Format Expository Essay

Expository essays are fact-based pieces of writing. They are purposeful, clear, and get to the point quickly. It is an exemplification essay that means to examine a certain topic than evaluate its importance and its uniqueness.

For an expository essay, you must suggest a sharp argument for your topic, which is then followed by comparison and contrast, strong argumentation, examples, definition, effects, and causes sequences.  

You have to find out a conclusion at the end of your expository essay that does not repeat your thesis statement, but it should suggest an answer to the question asked in the beginning.

The sole purpose of an expository essay is to expose information to the reader.

These are relatively easy mental exercises and are most often given to younger students who are less advanced to analyze or properly compose a more cognitive response. If you, as a student, feel the trouble of writing an expository essay, then some writers can help you write the best expository essay. You can contact them through any essay writing service and get the benefits of an extraordinary piece of writing on any topic.

Typically, like every other essay, expository essays also have an introduction that is followed by body paragraphs leading to the conclusion. In expository essays, the writer’s views should be unbiased and balanced. These types of essays are often written in the 3rd person. You need to understand everything about an expository essay for writing it in Chicago format that was introduced by the Chicago University Press in 1906.

You are free to choose any topic that interests you, but make sure that you have a clear idea about that topic. It is an essential step because you have to explain the whole scenario from the start to the end of the narrative essay, and you might get into trouble if you do not get your notion cleared about your chosen topic.

After getting a certain idea, your next important step would be to provide adequate data about the topic. Try to collect enough data that can reflect your understanding and knowledge. So, once you start writing the essay, do not search for the information again as it will disturb your pace and quality of work.

Once you are assured of your grip about the topic, you are ready to start writing about it, and the first thing you need to do is to create the structure of work. This is only for your easiness as this will help you create all the headings and subheadings and help you to move ahead thoroughly and systematically.

Your expository essay must have citations, especially when you write it in Chicago style, which is famous for its footnotes or endnotes. When you cite something or explain something, then you have to take help from certain books, journals, and websites. Make sure you prepare the reference list soon as you are done with the writing and follow the instructions about the citation while writing it in Chicago style. These tips for Chicagos style formating are must for an essay writer to learn.

Below is the chicago format for expository essay that you need to follow to secure your grades.

  • Always use one inch margin on all sides
  • There should be half an inch intended for each paragraph
  • Recommended font styles are Courier and “Times of Roman” while size should be 12
  • Upper right corner should indicate page number.
  • Essay should be double spaced if no specific instruction is not given by the instructor

Once you follow all these guidelines, you can easily complete your work on time, and if you want to write a simple expository essay where you do not need to provide any argumentative or supporting statements than you are allowed to write anything you want to. But if you choose topics that are related to politics, then you have to follow certain rules as the topic is not simple, and you cannot write whatever you want to.

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